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Did you know? "The Town" is Oakland's unofficial nickname and one that some Seattleites continue to contest as their own, despite losing the moniker in a best-of-three roshambo match.

You know how we get down in The Town? We drink ourselves silly while cracking pistachios with our teeth. Right, we don't really do that, but we do sit around prattling about how prohibition must have really sucked a big one, and then we count our small batch barrel-blended whiskey blessings by stuffing our faces full of Town Biz pistachio brittle while comparing our jog times around Lake Merritt and laughing about how shitty the weather and parking in San Francisco is. Heh. That's just Oakland #townbizness, of course. Don't know about the rest of y'all.

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INGREDIENTS: Pure cane sugar, butter, Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey™ reduction, roasted pistachios, sugar syrup (cane sugar, cream of tartar, sea salt), organic vanilla extract, baking soda, Fleur de sel

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