• Image of "The Raging Heart-On" S'mores Kit
  • Image of "The Raging Heart-On" S'mores Kit

Do your cheeks start flushing and does your pulse start racing whenever your boo-thang sashays on over your way? Well, you're either madly and hopelessly in love or slowly being poisoned with cyanide. One in the same, some cupid-skeptics might say, but we digress - assuming the former, we can't think of a more delicious way to express the bounty of your overflowing passion than with our super sexy Valentine's Day S'mores Kit. If it's the latter...better skip the gift-wrap and have one delivered directly to your door, asap. And grab a bib. Things could get a little messy.

Makes 12 fancy s'mores for your favorite heart-on or one helluva solo dessert s'morgy (dating yourself: it's a thing). LIMITED QUANTITIES available so snatch one up quick!

"The Raging Heart-On" S'mores Kit includes:

(12) of our signature "Red Velvet" Graham Crackers

(12) of our "Mexican Hot Chocolate" Graham Crackers

(6) "Hella Frangelica" Marshmallows (Bourbon Vanilla Bean + Frangelico Liqueur)

(6) "Back That Razz Up" Marshmallows (Raspberries + Chambord Liqueur)

(12) Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Squares (mixed)

Just add fire (literal fire, 'cuz we assume you got the figurative heat on lock).

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