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Just when you thought things couldn't get any more ridiculous at the Sugar Knife mad lab...

Inspired by our cock sauce obsession and a recent bacon-candying all nighter fueled by Four Roses bourbon, our Notorious P.I.G. brittle is the love child borne from that eve of Party and Bullshit. The hook: smoky, candied bacon glazed with a bounteous dose of everyone's favorite hot sauce. BUT WAIT. There's more.

Creamy, buttery cashews, a heavy splash of Four Roses and the crowning touch - dried mango pieces for a spicy sweet finish on the crunch. If this ain't the most badass nut brittle this side of Brooklyn Bed-Stuy...

Ships 7-10 days after order is placed.

INGREDIENTS: Pure cane sugar, butter, Four Roses Bourbon™, cashews, candied bacon (Niman Ranch nitrate-free), Sriracha hot sauce, cayenne pepper, dried mango, sugar syrup (cane sugar, filtered water, cream of tartar, sea salt), organic vanilla extract, baking soda

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