• Image of "Back That Razz Up"
  • Image of "Back That Razz Up"


Girl you look good won't you back that razz up? (rhetorical question 'cuz c'mon, of course you are)

A raspberry lover’s fantasy come true: a decadent blend of tart, ripe raspberries and Chambord™ Black Raspberry liqueur come together for an ecstatic explosion of berry bliss. Back one up into your mouth for a tantalizing out-of-body experience. Extra ridiculous dipped in creamy dark chocolate!

Ships 5-7 days after order is placed. Valentine's Day deadline is February 8th!

(1 or 1/2 dozen approximately 1.25 x 1.25 x 1 handcut squares).

INGREDIENTS: Pure cane sugar, sugar syrup (sugar, filtered water, cream of tartar, sea salt), gelatin, raspberries, Chambord™ Black Raspberry liqueur reduction, filtered water, Fleur de sel, confectioner's sugar, potato starch

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